Tiffany Fernandes

Is Consulting Changing The World?

Using consultants is becoming more common practice for many companies looking for expertise to enhance their business. However, there are still so many out there that are unaware of the option, and how it can benefit their business on so many levels. Let’s take a minute to talk about why […]

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Marketing Is More Than Just Advertising

Marketing is more than the billboard you drive past on your way to work. It is more than just an advert. When used properly it is an experiential tool that leads to improved business and brand equity. Marketing includes a well thought our and formulated strategy, implementation, co-ordination and evaluation. […]

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The Reality Of Perception

One of the age-old sayings is that “Perception is reality” and while many brands would like to think that they are immune to this, they are not. Consumer perception of your brand carries infinitely more value than any marketing effort your can conjure up. As a young marketer I studied […]

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