9th Sep 2020

Branding Agency of the Year 2020 – Johannesburg

An independent article published by Corporate Vision UK

The importance of a business’ brand cannot be overstated. Iconic brands bring with them an instant message of what a company stands for, lodged in the memories of millions of people. Building up a brand requires an effective strategy, something which the team at the Effectus Group excel at. We look at their work to see how they could help your business to reach new heights of success.

When businesses fail, it’s often because of a lack of vision. As a team fails to communicate their message to customers, they lose track of what they had to offer in the first place. For the team at Effectus, branding is key to securing not only what a business stands for, but where a business is going for long term success.

Brand strategy is a way of working out clearly what conceptual place a business will own in the consumer’s mind. What will they think of when they think of your company? It’s not an easy task, which is why Effectus specialises in finding a bespoke solution that suits the needs of any company. Using an innovative approach, the team have been able to transform the fortunes of many different firms.

For outstanding entrepreneurs, Effectus offers a single service provider to ensure that any brand or marketing need is fulfilled. Instead of having to turn to different companies, Effectus – a true turnkey solution – is able to manage every step towards building success for a company. This means the team can undertake market research, as well as explore options for digital marketing and development.

The team are proud to have worked alongside several impressive organisations such as Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Riskworx in South Africa and City & Guilds in Africa, South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Caribbean, and the Pacific. Holding this last contract in five regions globally means that the team have proven expertise in the digital marketplace.

The company’s work with Riskworx demonstrates the advantages of working with a branding expert such as Effectus. As the business has grown rapidly, the branding had yet to reposition to match this state. Effectus was crucial to the creation of a new winning brand strategy that took great pains to understand the needs of the clients. This allowed the team to achieve their best work, developing a brand identity system with both verbal and visual assets to create an essential brand toolkit that put the strategy into terms both internal and external stakeholders would understand and resonate with.

Much of Effectus’ success comes from the commitment the team has to achieving great things. The client’s success is also theirs, and this attitude drives them on. By serving people better, improving the businesses, brands and lives of people, the agency is able to better itself. It’s an approach that means the clients come to see the importance of branding as an ongoing matter and continue to collaborate with Effectus for years to come.

In such a fast-paced industry as media innovation, it pays to consider not only how to keep moving ahead and engaging with the latest developments in the industry, but also to reflect on how to continue getting the basics right. Effectus has achieved so much by focusing on their clients and by doing what they do exceptionally well. Instead of innovation driving the company forward, it is a tool that allows them to perform remarkable feats.

Looking ahead, the team at Effectus are aiming to continue to provide solutions that can make a real difference to their clients. Currently, they are exploring exciting new technologies that could change the way in which people view and operate branding and marketing departments, with the potential to revolutionise the industry. Needless to say, this sort of development could see the Effectus team becoming the ultimate branding and support partner to individuals, businesses, and industries.

“It all starts with a strong brand strategy that challenges and transforms the marketing industry, unconventionally. Effectus is results.”

Riskworx represents a new breed of thinker by approaching problem-solving differently. By defining themselves by their possibilities rather than their limits, it means the solutions are infinite. The new visual identity, which can be seen in the image above, has a unique point of view that juxtaposes facts with paradoxes. Whilst you would not ordinarily find a Mountain Bike and a Boardroom in the same place, it is this unique combination which is the trademark of our client.

The success of Effectus comes from the success of its clients. Instead of using innovation on a technical level, the team have innovated to meet the needs of their clients’ audience. It’s a slightly different way of thinking that has not only allowed them to be held in such high regard, but has kept them a step ahead of the competition.

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