30th Sep 2016

Is Consulting Changing The World?

Using consultants is becoming more common practice for many companies looking for expertise to enhance their business.

However, there are still so many out there that are unaware of the option, and how it can benefit their business on so many levels.

Let’s take a minute to talk about why companies are opting for consultants over permanent employees.

Firstly, the South African labour law protects employees and not the employer, which puts many businesses at risk when they end up on the wrong side of recruitment.

Added to this, consulting eliminates permanent employee costs to a company, such as UIF and benefits such as medical insurance, pension funds and more.

Staying with cost, consultants offer a transparent time sheet which means that you are only paying for the time spent on marketing consulting support. And because consulting is results driven, it ensures maximum efficiency and optimisation of business processes.

Permanent employees are difficult to monitor in terms of activity and whether the hours worked are directly related to the specific role. This is also due to the distraction factor – whether it is water cooler talk or falling into an endless series of YouTube videos being shared internally. Consultants are not in the environment and hence focused on completing the tasks according to deadlines.

As consultants are working in different industries and sectors, their broad experience can benefit your business with unique and innovative solutions – and if you don’t like the solutions, you can simply find new consultants.

Permanent employees can be difficult to dismiss should performance dip, while you are stuck with the technical skill they possess – unless you are prepared to spend on training or wait for their development over time.

Now this comparison may feel one-sided, but that is simply because it is. It boils down to the fact that many employers are starting to take charge and put the power back into their own hands.

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