30th Sep 2016

Marketing Is More Than Just Advertising

Marketing is more than the billboard you drive past on your way to work. It is more than just an advert. When used properly it is an experiential tool that leads to improved business and brand equity.

Marketing includes a well thought our and formulated strategy, implementation, co-ordination and evaluation.

#MarketingIsMore than just advertising. It is an experience.

Marketing is a tool that should be leveraged for new opportunities, and is a vehicle that can be measured. Ultimately it is a driving force that improves your business’s bottom line. Marketing is a strategic business unit that delivers on all organizational objectives.

green outline marketing 9 p scheme icons

Marketing is a myriad of of mechanisms that go far beyond just advertising and promotion. Both of which make up only a fraction of the entire marketing function.

Marketing can and should encompass all of the below areas of your business:

  1. Product
  2. Pricing
  3. Place (distribution channels/ route to market)
  4. People (internal staff and external consumers)
  5. Process (we ensure processes are in place that effectively manage and measure the marketing function)
  6. Physical Evidence (what your stores look like and how consumers experience it)
  7. PR (brand image and perception management)
  8. Personal selling (in-store staff)
  9. Promotion

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